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Our Risk 2 course takes place at Stora Holm Traffic Training course, and it concerns speed, safety and driving under particular conditions. The course is mandatory and should – unlike Risk 1 – not be undertaken until late during your driving education. You are expected to be able to handle a car on your own, without supervision.

Slippery road training (“Halkan”) is where you will be able to challenge the power of nature under different road conditions and velocity to learn both your own and the vehicle’s limits. You will also learn about typical accident situations and will gain insight in how to avoid risky behaviours.

Stora Holm’s traffic training course is the largest and most complete one in western Sweden. Before the course starts you all meet up at the reception, and the course takes about 4 hours to complete. Keep in mind that you will be both indoors and outdoors during the course, so make sure to dress appropriately according to the weather. The course is at an old airfield, so there is no lee.

Östra Trafikskolan only offers Risk 2 in Swedish, so in case you want to take this course in English you can contact Stora Holm directly and book via them, since they offer both Risk 1 and Risk 2 in English.

Our Risk 2 usually takes place during Fridays; talk to your teacher to book a spot on an upcoming Risk 2 course! You will not be booked for Risk 2 unless a teacher gives the green light for this!

The course fee should be paid at the latest a week before the date of the course. If you pay online you can choose to pay either via Bankgiro 5116-5447 or Swish 123 227 84 30; see our pricelist for the current price. Your booking is binding and will not be refunded if you fail to show up for your course or if you cancel your booking. To reschedule your coming booking you need to contact us at the latest at 1PM on the day before the day of the course.

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